Tax Return

Minister: We owed almost $25k in taxes, and we didn’t know why. We contacted Guardian And they evaluated our last five years of tax returns, amended and re-filed them, and we ended up getting money back from the government. Who you count on for your taxes really does matter. Barb Grand Rapids MI

Retired: I owed $3,500 according to my old accountant. Guardian revised it and I got a $600.00 refund. Sally MI

Surgeon: You went above and beyond, thank you. Gregory TN

Payroll Services

Entrepreneur Day Care Provider: I switched to Guardian Tax Consulting for payroll, bookkeeping and tax preparation because I felt I needed a business partner, I was happy with my previous payroll administrator, but Guardian has made a huge difference in my business. Stacey MS

Entrepreneur: I own my own S corporation, which Guardian set up for me, I was doing my own payroll but was losing time with my sales as I was spending too much time on paperwork and filing forms and preparing my payroll. I had Guardian Tax over the payroll and it has been a great and smooth transition. Paul PA

Tax Resolution

I’m a truck Driver and I don’t have a lot of time to keep organized with having my driving logs to worry about. My time spent driving and resting when I’m not driving that I forget to file my tax returns. The IRS thought better, they filed the returns for me, 7 years’ worth. My balance was over 100k. I talked with Guardian, they fixed my returns and now my balance is less than $20,000. They also do my bookkeeping so I’m organized and at the end of the year we are ready to file. Ron MO

Construction: I owed over $40,000 dollars, I did not have the means with the interest and penalties to begin paying for this. Guardian Tax Consulting prepared an Offer in Compromise for me and we got it approved. Now I owe less than $5,000. Johnny CT

Retired: When so many companies were telling me to file an Offer in Compromise, Guardian did the research and found out that it is not in my best interest because my taxes were so old. I could not afford to pay anything as I am a widow and not earning anything, I survive on Social Security. They put me in currently not Collectible and let the taxes expire. This was in my best interest and I appreciate that very much. Denise MI

Nurse: When my husband passed away, he left me a huge IRS debt. Guardian fought successfully on my behalf as an innocent spouse, and now I have no debt and received my full refund. Demi , MI

Company Formation

Truck Driver: Guardian Tax Consulting informed me of the advantages of forming a corporation and that I should create one. I decided to do it, it was very painless and I’m very happy they did it for me. I feel very good about my company. Joe PA

Entrepreneur: I have personal reasons for wanting to form a non for profit company or 501(c)(3), I talked with Guardian about this, They made me feel very comfortable. We talked initially about what is needed and how it works. Guardian gave me paperwork to fill out and they did the rest. I now have my own tax exempt charitable organization. Kati Birmingham MI

A little bit of everything

I needed help in many ways. I had a huge liability with the IRS, I’m a doctor and a single mom that works in the ER and a small practice. I also have a farm and breed horses. I could not get my head above water and did not have the time to work on this alone. I hired Guardian Tax Consulting; they helped with amending some older returns, set up a corporation for me with my farm and one for my medical practice. They also got me on track by being compliant with my current taxes. They resolved the balances and stopped the collection action by setting up an affordable installment agreement. Cathy OH

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