Negotiating past taxes is difficult and time consuming. We will protect and guard your wages and your assets! Our team of professionals have years of experience and tremendous success in negotiating favorable settlements with the IRS and state governments. That is why, when you retain us, you can be assured your case is in the right hands.

Negotiating with the IRS can be a difficult and regimented process. When an individual or company does not understand their rights and the strict guidelines and procedures of putting together a case, the outcome is usually not favorable when trying it alone. Therefore, you should retain Guardian Tax Consulting to advocate and protect your rights as a tax payer. We have a team of competent consultants and professionals that will strategize with you and walk you through the course of action; therefore, you will have a better understanding of the process and feel more at ease. Our consultants will first evaluate the most pressing need to ease any immediate tax crises, which might mean becoming compliant. Then we will take a look at the big picture and evaluate what is the necessary step to begin your case and attempt to settle your tax debt in the most advantageous way for you.

Releasing Liens

We also specialize in tax preparation for individual and corporate accounts. Our goal is to create yearly compliance and keep our clients out of continued trouble. Through this we create a valued and happy customer and we retain the business relationship for years to come.


Our team will review the client’s case diligently and thoroughly; discuss with the client all the options, and then outline a personalized, step-by-step strategy to resolve the clients IRS or state problem. However, if there are immediate needs, such as in a crises situation, we can help immediately.

“Crisis Situation”

If you have a bank levy and pending funds yet to be cashed we can help you with a full levy release or partial levy release of that levy for pending bills. But, you need to call us immediately Toll free: 1-877-846-0740. Contact us for helping you with releasing liens.

If your wages are being garnished and it is impairing your ability to pay the necessities of life, we can help release that wage levy either partially or completely. But, you need to call us immediately Toll free: 1-877- 846-0740

Once Guardian Tax Consulting has determined and resolved the crisis situation, we can begin the strategy portion of your case.

Audit Reconsideration

Audit reconsideration is when the IRS has performed an Audit on a tax year prior to the current tax year, and their result is substantially different from the tax payer’s original outcome. If you feel that you were in the right and the IRS is wrong, Guardian Tax Consulting can do a reconsideration of that Audit. However, you must have your original records and the original letter informing you of the audit or the change in your taxes. Guardian Tax Consulting can then defend your case, by first diligently preparing the necessary work and proving the audit was not justified.

Installment Agreement

Once determined that there is no other way of resolving the clients case other than an installment agreement, Guardian Tax Consulting will thoroughly review all of your finances and present them to the IRS. Guarding Tax Consulting will create a favorable monthly agreement that needs to be paid through the life of the liability. The agreement will be something that the client can afford on a monthly basis and not one that will provoke a failure to pay. If in the future, the clients finances change, Guardian Tax Consulting can revisit the portrait of other services.

Offer In Compromise

The Offer In Compromise is usually the first strategy proposed and sold by most firms. The offer is not always the most conducive for the customer. Guardian Tax Consulting listens and learns first about the clients case, then will provide the client with realistic goals and solutions. Guardian Tax Consulting will also present the client with a realistic settlement. There are strict guidelines the IRS has in place for an Offer In Compromise. Guardian Tax Consulting understands those guidelines and therefore, will propose an offer if the client fits the guiding principle of an Offer In Compromise. One of many reasons to file an Offer In Compromise is hardship. If hardship is a client’s position, Guardian Tax Consulting will perform a thorough evaluation of the client’s finances and put them in an order that shows financial heartache. Guardian Tax Consulting will communicate with you on many occasions to understand the full picture of your hardship and how it developed. From these discussions Guardian Tax Consulting will provide the IRS with a narrative explaining your hardship position. Guardian Tax Consulting understands the methodology of the IRS. Therefore, we can receive quick feedback and accomplish speedy resolution with your case.

Penalty Abatement

Sometimes, the penalties on liabilities are not justified for several reasons. After we perform a careful determination of what created the liability and we decipher the liability was out of the tax payer’s control, Guardian Tax Consulting can put together a comprehensive plan and argument for the IRS to release the penalties and the associated interest on those penalties.

Releasing Liens

Liens are put on tax payer’s property or social security number to protect the interest of the government. They are extremely difficult to remove. However, there are lien subordinations that can be performed to allow the purchase of a home or to borrow against an existing home. But everything has to be in order for this to happen. It is a very delicate and difficult process. In most cases, there needs to be a form of payment to the IRS, especially when selling a home with equity or borrowing against the equity.

On the other hand, once the lien has been paid in full, we can facilitate the release of the lien within 30 days. Sometimes, a tax payer may have several years of owed taxes, but only a year or two of liens filed. If we arrange to pay just those years with liens, Guardian Tax Consulting can release only the liens assigned and clear your present record.

The IRS has new programs to help tax payers in certain situations to release liens by setting up formal agreements. This is in good faith that the tax payer become compliant make payments and the total liability under the IRS current thresholds

Releasing Levies (Crisis Situation)

If you owe the IRS and do not have legal representation, chances are you will be levied at some point! The IRS has the right to garnish wages from employment or self employment, social security, veterans pay and others. They also reserve the right to levy your bank account rather checking or savings. Guardian Tax Consulting can release levies as soon as the retainer is paid and financial data is collected from you. This obviously is a crisis situation and will be moved to a priority measure.

Substitute For Return Correction

Many times tax payers have not filed for multiple years. If the IRS believes they are missing out on tax dollars from those missing returns, they will perform what is called a Substitute For Return. What this means, is the IRS performs a tax return for the tax payer and they do not account for any expenses or deductions. Therefore, usually, creates a much higher amount owed. The IRS will also share this information with many states. Once Guardian Tax Consulting does a thorough evaluation of this situation, we collect the necessary data to complete an accurate return. In many cases, Guardian Tax Consulting will substantially reduce the amount owed or even create a refund.

Tax Return and preparation

Many times all that is needed to resolve tax issues are missing tax returns that need to be prepared. We will prepare current and past tax returns. We can go back 10+ years for tax returns that need to be prepared, even if you do not have your income information, we can find it for you.

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