For your convenience, we have compiled some of the most frequently asked questions. Please look through these and if you have questions do not hesitate to call us toll free: 1-877-846-0740

Can I deal with the IRS myself?

It is possible and feasible to attempt working with the IRS yourself. However, it is not the most conducive way to resolving your tax liability. Almost 90% of Offer In Compromises are subject for rejection simply because an individual does not understand the proper formatting of the forms, publications and the organization of those forms. This is not taking in consideration the art of negotiating with the IRS. One of the most critical parts in an Offer In Compromise, especially in appeals, is talking and negotiating with the IRS. Guarding Tax Consulting has years of experience in specializing in resolving cases for individuals and companies. Guardian Tax Consulting understands exactly what the IRS’s requirements are for filing Offer In Compromise packages and other arguments. We have also built relations with certain IRS Practitioners and we know their personalities. This goes a long way! Handling a case with the IRS is not much different than a case in court. You should have representation!

What if the IRS garnished my paycheck?

The IRS and state governments reserve the right to garnish your wages. They can garnish a large percentage of your pay as well. They also reserve the right to levy your bank account rather it be a checking or savings account. Guarding Tax Consulting considers this a crises situation. We will make it a priority to stop the levy, by proving the levy puts you in a hardship position. Sometimes the IRS will only do a partial levy release. In most cases, you need to be fully compliant with all your tax filings before a levy will be released. Guardian Tax Consulting can help you become compliant and release your levy to give you peace of mind and continue to pay those monthly bills.

Do I qualify for an Offer In Compromise and will I get pennies on the dollar?

Many companies over sell the Offer In Compromise by telling you they will settle your case pennies on the dollar. And, obviously, this can make one very excited. The truth in the matter is Guardian Tax Consulting needs to review your case, your financials and your work history to determine if you qualify for an Offer In Compromise. In the initial free consultation, based on the information you provide, we can give you an idea of what your settlement amount will be. Once we determine you qualify, you need to send us the signed contract with a retainer. Guardian Tax Consulting then will start the process by collecting and verifying the financial statements from you. Once Guardian Tax Consulting has prepared the Offer In Compromise a determination of your settlement amount is validated. In rare cases, some do have settlements of pennies on the dollar. However, it is usually based on what you can afford over a period of time, but still a hefty savings will be achieved.

Remember, Guardian Tax Consulting has years of experience and we have many other service offerings that can be just as advantageous as the Offer In Compromise.

What do your services Cost?

Our services are competitive in the industry. We do a thorough evaluation through the free consultation with you to determine the correct strategy and give you a comprehensive and realistic idea of what we can do for you. Tax litigation is time consuming and requires a lot of thought and strategy. Guardian Tax Consulting is ready to handle any case! Every case can be helped in some way, shape or form. This being said, our service cost depending on what we are providing for you. It also depends on where you are at in the collection process: Automated Collection Services, Revenue Officer, Currently Not Collectible and others.

In addition, we do not ask for an upfront payment. Beware of firms that do! We will set up a monthly payment plan for you to complete the services we are performing. We do ask for timely monthly payments. If you do decide to pay upfront (your choice) we will deduct 10% from the fee.

What if I cannot pay all of my back taxes at once?

That is all right! Guardian Tax Consulting can help with this. Most people in your situation cannot pay all of their taxes at once. Guardian Tax Consulting specializes in a variety of services just for you.

What if my Offer In Compromise is rejected?

If your offer in Compromise is rejected don’t stop here. It is well worth paying the additional fee for Guardian Tax Consulting to appeal the case. Many times cases that are rejected are won at the appeal level through some sort of negotiating.

Once I pay my debt, when will the lien on my property be removed?

The lien on your property will be removed within 30 days of paying the liability of the lien amounts in full.

Why should I trust your firm?

First we give you realistic figures and settlements. We don’t exaggerate a savings or tell you something that you just want to hear. We formed the company on honesty and integrity! Second, we have been helping people for years, and we want you as a lifelong client. Third, let’s face it, price does matter. We have competitive prices for all of our services. Once you have contracted services with us you will receive the attention you want, and you would talk with the person you consulted with. We won’t pass you around! Guarding Tax Consulting will protect and guard your legal rights as a tax payer!

We also have an A+ rating with the BBB.

What are all of your services?

Guardian Tax Consulting is a full service tax consulting firm. We can help with many tax services such as:

Can you prepare my tax returns?

No matter where you live or how many returns need to be filed and even if you do not have all your income information we can prepare your present and past tax returns.

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